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For a new history of light! And a world without technology theft Every day we reflect on the day’s work and keep moving forward one step at a time to adhere to our principles and create value for our valued customers who share values with us.


With the goal of “making the world cleaner, healthier, and safer with light," Seoul Semiconductor has grown from a rental factory on a commercial street – by turning crises into opportunities – into the world's only company that has second-generation technologies in the LED industry to produce optical semiconductor LEDs of all wavelengths, from 20nm UV to 1400nm laser diodes, without wire, package and lens, which are essential elements of semiconductors.

We will strive more vigorously to provide mankind good light – a healthy light that prevents myopia onset with natural light, a clean light that clears viruses and bacteria from the air and water, a memory-improving light, a light that reproduces natural colors and a light that helps you have a good night’s sleep.

In my 20s when Jimmy Carter, a son of a farmer, became President of the United States, I asked myself "What about me?" as I was also born the youngest son of a farmer. Just as this was a turning point in my life, I hope that the journey of a company that started business in Korea but has grown to become a global manufacturer will be a small but sure hope for young people.
Just as intellectual property motivated the world to spark the First, Second, and Third Industrial Revolutions, reducing the proportion of the world's population in absolute poverty from 85% to less than 10%, giving people light by which people obtain 80% of information, lowering the illiteracy rate from 90% to the 10% range and leading people to a safer life, and reducing infant mortality from 43% to less than 3%, respecting and honoring intellectual property rights will give hope to young people, accelerate creative innovations, make human life better, and create a fair society where people can move between social classes. To help make this hope a reality, I keep creating new works and fighting for intellectual property, vowing not to cut my hair until I have won each battle. Please show your continuous interest in us and keep encouraging us in the future.

Founder Lee Chung-hoon
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