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CEO Message
For a New History of Light, and For the World without Technology Hijacking For the value creation of our precious customers who share values with us, we are keeping our principles and values and taking a step forward every day based on daily reflection.

Under the faith of “Let’s make lights helpful for customers and the World”, we have overcome many crisis to create a chance starting from a rental factory, and now we are the only company in the world developing and producing the light (photon) with all ranges of wavelength including the Infrared (IR) laser diode of VCSEL 1400nm, and UV LED 200nm. Now, we would like to present to mankind a breakthrough light that resembles the light of nature: a healthy light, a clean light, and a light beneficial to study.

The fact that Jimmy Carter, who was born as a youngest son of an ordinary farmer, became the president of the United States came into my life as a turning point, as I myself was born also as a son of a farmer. I have been dreaming a small but meaningful light masterpiece and hope to be the future young people dream of.We know the intellectual property used to be a motive for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolution, contributing into reducing the percentage of the population in absolute poverty from 80% to 10%. We've seen a drop in neonatal mortality from 43% to 3%, and that electricity supply made it possible for people to get 80% of their information through light, improving literacy and making life safer. I am working today with the last fighting spirit believing our company would become a case showing the IP would make our society fairer where class mobility is possible to make everyone's dream come true.

Founder Lee Chung-hoon