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Board of Directors
Seoul Semiconductor enhances its value through transparent management and healthy corporate governance.

Board of Directors
Appointment of directors
  • Directors are appointed at the general shareholders' meeting, and the director candidates to be appointed at the general shareholders' meeting are selected and recommended by the board of directors and submitted to the general shareholders' meeting.
  • Each board member is independent of the largest shareholder and major shareholders.
Composition of directors
  • Our board of directors consists of five members including two inside directors and three outside directors.
Director Status
※ The following are the directors appointed and inaugurated according to the above procedure. The date of appointment is the date of appointment at the recent general shareholders' meeting.
Title (Full-time/ Part-time). Name Appointment date Brief history Responsibilities
CEO / President
Registered Executive
Lee Chung-hoon 2021.03.20
  • CEO (present) of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • Vice President of Samshin Electricity Co., Ltd.
Overall management
Registered Executive
Hong Myung-gi 2022.03.30
  • Hyundai Information Technology Co., Ltd., HMM IT Team
  • DAE YOUNG Packaging.Co., Ltd., IT Team
  • BSG PARTNERS CO., LTD. Operation business department
  • CEO (present) of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
manufacturing supervision
member of board of company
Registered Executive
Shim Yo-soon 2022.03.30
  • Yonsei University Economics BA
  • University of Southern California(USC) MBA
  • Professor at Yonsei University's Graduate School of Economics (current)
  • Director of the Korea Certified Public Accountants Association (current)
  • Vice president of bakertilly-woori (current)
member of board of company / auditor
member of board of company
Registered Executive
Lee Chang-han 2022.03.30
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National University BA
  • Department of Economics, Columbia University, Missouri MBA
  • Doctor of Economics, Kyung Hee University
  • CEO of Key To Way (current)
member of board of company / auditor
member of board of company
Registered Executive
Kim Wha-eung 2022.03.30
  • Department of Economics at Soongsil University BA
  • CEO of Hyundai H&S
  • CEO of Hyundailivart
  • CEO of Hdquming
  • CEO of Korea Agricultural Co., Ltd (current)
member of board of company / auditor
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